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Milwaukee Sprayer has many different stock nozzles and extensions available for Model A and M sprayers. Below is a list with some brief descriptions. If you can't find exactly what you want, or if you need something different, contact us using the information on the back. Because we manufacture our parts and accessories, as well as our sprayers, we can modify or customize many items to meet your needs.
nozzles301 301 Solid pin stream pattern. For applications where “splash” coverage is preferred or deeper penetration is required (such as penetrating oil, lubrication oil, insecticide, etc.) Ideal for distant or inaccessible areas. Effective range up to 20 feet.     Nozzle302b   302-B Solid cone pattern, heavy density. For use where heavier coverage is preferred such as whitewall tire cleaner and machinery cleaner.          
nozzles302 302 Standard solid cone pattern, medium density.     Nozzles302c   302-C Solid cone pattern, extra fine density. For use where light coverage with a fine mist is preferred such as marking dyes and ink.          
Nozzles305 305 Solid cone pattern, fine density. For use with lighter liquids and applications that require extra uniformity such as mold release agents and dry-cleaning fluids.       707 Extra fine full pattern. Will spray some heavier type liquids.          
602 Adjustable spray nozzle permits finger-tip regulation of spray from extra fine mist to pin stream. Should not be used with materials harmful to plastics.
Nozzles501   501 Flat, fan-shaped pattern, medium to heavy density. For applications that require a uniform film over a large area such as insecticides, bakers trough grease, etc. Handles heavier viscosity liquids more effectively.  

344 Hypodermic tubing 3” long

320 Rigid 3-inch with built-in solid
cone medium density spray head.
345 Rigid 3 inch with pin stream spray
337 Pin stream plastic tube, 12”
NOZZLE EXTENSIONS FOR - 301/302/302C/302B/501
325 Rigid 6-inch
    335 Bendable brass tube, 12”        
    330 Flexible Teflon® tube,12”    
NOZZLE EXTENSIONS FOR - 305/550/567/602/707
338 Rigid 6-inch
339 Bendable brass tube, 12”        
331 Flexible Teflon® tube, 12”      

Individual parts, kits and accessories

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sprayers. Contact us for more
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156 "T" handle allows for easy removal and tightening by hand.

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